Greetings, Rookies! Welcome to the battle world of War & Glory! This guide will walk you through the very basics of the game, from the buildings in your base, to the storyline and ultimately the World War! Now let’s get started.

I. Your base
The headquarters is the most important building in your base. It determines the maximum level of all other buildings. It is also the place where you collect your pay.

You cannot win the World War alone. Only by joining an alliance, can you really experience the essence of the game. Here you can join or create an alliance, contribute to it and research alliance perks. Alliance leaders can sign pacts with other alliances to ensure good diplomatic and political environment.

Officer Academy
Officers are those who lead your brigades in the frontline. They are recruited and trained here. Officers with higher levels give more benefits to the brigades and have the ability to lead more troops.

Tech Lab
Technologies can be researched here to increase resource productivity and the strength of combat units. Tech points are gained through daily research and spy activities.

Armory produces all 4 kinds of weapons – tanks, destroyers, artilleries and rifles. It also provides prototype upgrades to the weapons.

Gear Factory
You can acquire extra addons to your weapons in Gear Factory. These addons give special attributes, for example, armor penetration, evasion, and critical strike.

II. Campaign
The campaign is the main storyline of War & Glory, where you start as a normal soldier, grow up to a seasoned general, and experience the World War II from the beginning to the end. As you progress in the campaign, more generals will be unlocked.

III. Mine War
Mine War is taken place in a square map. It is your choice to occupy mines, or plunder other players’ base. But be careful, when your troops are out, you leave your base defenseless.

IV. World War
You must be in an alliance to join the World War. The world map is divided into tens of thousands of tiles. There are a few different types of tiles, for instance, grassland, sand, countryside, factory, railroad, city, etc. Different tiles are guarded by different forces and once occupied, will provide you different benefits. Sometimes you may find it too hard to take a city alone, fear not, you can always call other allies to join your operation.